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Join us where pages leap to life! Just like the enchantment of flipping through physical books, our events bring us together to celebrate the captivating stories that unite us. Don't miss out-secure your place by registering on our Eventbrite profile.

02 - 08.08.24

TTBC Ghana 2024

Are you ready for the next Tanya Time Book Club adventure? We're Enroute to Ghana with Tanya and the wonderful book besties for another lit-trip!

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Join us where pages leap to life! Just like the enchantment of flipping through physical books, our events bring us together to celebrate the captivating stories that unite us. Don't miss out-secure your place by registering on our Eventbrite profile.



Guests holding passports from outside the ECOWAS region, including American passport holders, need a valid tourist visa for entry into Ghana. There are a few visa categories and application options available to different passport holders i.e. embassy visas, e-visas & visas on arrival, to name a few. We advise that you confirm which options are available to you at the below Immigration websites: Ghana Immigration Website

Enroute54 Visa-on-Arrival Service
Should you prefer a Visa on Arrival Services we are able to support you with an expedited application. This includes a smooth application process, airport and immigration protocol upon arrival and baggage services.

The VOA fee, totalling $230 encompasses: The application & processing fees, and related charges. Do note that this fee must be settled before approval is granted by the Controller-General of Immigration. To facilitate the VOA process, we kindly request your exact arrival and departure dates. These dates are used for your VOA application and will be used to confirm the validity period of your visa. You will be provided with a pre-arrival visa document which will then be transferred into your passport upon your arrival at the airport, with the assistance of our ground staff. You can reach out to us at if you would like to use this service or would want more information regarding this. *Terms and Conditions Applies*

Embassy Visa Information
If you opt to handle your visa independently, kindly reach out to your nearest Ghanaian embassy/consulate. To ensure timely processing with the embassy application option, we advise you begin your application immediately to secure your visa well in advance of your travel dates. You can visit the Ghana Embassy Washington DC website to access information on their service types, processing fees, duration, and procedures.

Passports must be valid for a minimum of 6 months after your intended date of departure from Ghana.

Individuals traveling to Ghana are no longer required to provide proof of vaccination or a negative test result, and regular entry regulations now apply. The mask mandate at airports and during flights has also been dropped.

A Yellow fever vaccination certificate is required on arrival into Ghana for travelers aged 9 months and older. The vaccination requirement is for protection against Yellow Fever, and you could be denied entry without it. Travelers will be required to ensure they have this full vaccination and certificate at least 10 days prior to departure.

Travel Insurance is mandatory to confirm a place on all trips with TTBC and Enroute54. Travelers will need to purchase appropriate travel insurance cover before traveling to Ghana. Please ensure that you obtain comprehensive travel insurance which will cover all overseas medical costs, including medical repatriation/evacuation, etc., and cover the full cost of your trip, flights, and any overstay/additional expense due to incidentals or illness, etc. that may arise.

Unfortunately, credit cannot be given for uncompleted components of the trip. The Package is sold as it is, and individual components are non-refundable. It is important to review the terms and conditions of your trip package before making any decisions or commitments.

Yes, we will hold two official info sessions before the start of the trip where guests will be able to ask questions and receive further information on the trip from our team.

If a person displays Covid Symptoms, they will not be allowed to participate in activities and will have to isolate themselves in their hotel room or cover the cost of a new room to isolate in, until a negative covid test is presented. Personal data will be collected, and a medical doctor will be provided to help with testing and care. Please note that additional costs incurred as a result, i.e., accommodation changes, food & beverage, testing, etc., will be at the expense of the traveler. It is therefore important that your travel insurance covers all medical incidents and related costs.

Ghana is a relatively safe country. Violent crime rates are relatively low and petty crimes can often be avoided simply by being vigilant and careful with personal belongings. Ghanaians are renowned for being friendly and helpful toward foreigners, but it is best to keep overly friendly strangers at arm’s length as petty crimes are common.

There are mosquitoes in Ghana, so it's important to be prepared and take proper precautions. It is strongly recommended to seek medical advice about purchasing or taking any antimalarial treatments beforehand. Be sure to also pack some appropriate mosquito repellent spray/cream and cover up with clothing such as long-sleeved shirts and trousers especially after sunset.

Travelers will be able to have access to local sim cards or MiFi devices to be able to stay in communication while in Ghana at an extra cost. The Enroute team can help with securing these purchases and advise on the best data plans to access 3G and 4G networks. If guests would like to have this option, they will need to advise the team in advance of arrival to allow us to prepare these options.

The official Ghanaian currency is the Cedi [GHS/GHC]. We advise that travelers keep up with conversion rates as this changes frequently. Although most restaurants, clubs and hotels accept debit and credit cards, cash is the best option to pay for things whenever possible. We would advise that you carry some cash in small notes to make any personal purchases and payments to avoid missing out on purchases where vendors do not accept credit/debit card payments.

Local Forex Bureaus in Ghana will have a better exchange rate than at the airport and we can assist you with options on where to change money. You will also be able to exchange Dollars for Cedis at the hotel – Normally, better rates are offered for larger bills. Please note that only newly issued USD notes are accepted.

All major credit cards are accepted in the more established venues such as major restaurants, hotels, etc. However, smaller vendors, shops and taxi drivers normally do not have the facilities to accept card payments. Therefore, we advise that you carry some cash as detailed above. You can freely use your Visa and MasterCard where this payment option is available. Please note that American Express and Discover cards are rarely, if ever, accepted. We advise that you research fees that may be incurred while using your credit/debit card to make payments abroad and travelers should notify their banks of their travel plans, so that cards aren't frozen due to fear of fraud.

ATMs are available in Ghana, and you may be able to withdraw cash from VISA/MASTERCARD ATMs with your credit / debit card. Please check with your bank to confirm if you are able to make withdrawals from ATMs in Ghana and also please check for exchange rates. Once this service is available via your bank, you can freely withdraw money at ATMs with your Visa and MasterCard if you have advised your bank that you will be traveling to these countries.

Travelers who wish to explore independently outside of the itinerary can get around easily using the Uber, Yango or Bolt apps. Guests can also hire private cars or use local taxis or buses.

The Enroute team will be accessible via a WhatsApp group which will be created for easy communication between travelers and the team during the trek. There will also be on-the-ground hosts who will be with the group during your entire stay in Ghana

We advise that travelers pack dress/closed-toe shoes, heels and dressy outfits for major club nights out in Ghana as this is normally the requirement at some higher end establishments.

The enroute team is available and happy to help guests with booking any extra activities outside of the itinerary, booking transfers outside of the trip arrival & departure dates, extending your accommodation and stay in Ghana, or booking other african country travel packages as part of your travel to the continent.